Business Activities

  • Export of Australian primary produce
  • Health supplement
  • Cosmetic products
  • Healthcare related industry

Healthcare Related Industry

Health Supplement

Cosmetic Products

Australian Primary Produce

  • Import & export of general trading products
  • Wholesale & cash-and-carry

Wholesale & Cash and Carry

General Trading Products

  • Property
  • Healthcare related industry
  • Import of mineral and related products
  • Leather sofa manufacturing
  • Furniture manufacturing


Leather Sofa Manufacturing

Import of Mineral and Related Products

Healthcare Related Industry

  • International trading

International Trading

  • Palm plantation and oil refinery
  • Glucose manufacturing

Palm Plantation and Oil Refinery

Glucose Manufacturing

  • Healthcare product
  • Health rehabilitation centre
  • Protective crop plantation
  • Mineral mining activities

Protective Crop Plantation

Mineral Mining Activities

Healthcare Products

Health Rehabilitation Centre

  • Wooden furniture manufacturing
  • Timber plantation
  • Plantation nursery
  • Healthcare industry
  • Probiotic research and product manufacturing
  • Mineral mining activities

Wooden Furniture Manufacturing

Timber Plantation

Probiotic Research and Product Manufacturing

Plantation Nursery

  • Import and trading of probiotic products and plantation fertilizer
  • Healthcare products.

Probiotic Products and Plantation Fertilizer

Healthcare Products

  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Healthcare related products

Healthcare Related Products

Furniture Manufacturing


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